Helping you find the next generation to serve and protect your community.

Qualified, well-trained law enforcement professionals are the backbone of your community. Law Enforcement Testing and Assessment, LLC (LETA) provides comprehensive exams and evaluations for peace officers, corrections officers, and communications/dispatch personnel. Our proctored exams are designed to aid agencies in the recruitment and promotion of professionals of the highest caliber.

Experience on the Job

Our tests are written, proctored, and scored by a professional with first-hand knowledge of what it means to be part of a police agency. Our owner is a degreed, 24-year veteran of law enforcement, a faculty member at Southwestern Illinois College, and the training coordinator for the Southwestern Illinois Police Academy.

Law Enforcement Testing is Our Specialty

Unlike other testing services that offer a variety of corporate and human resources related exams, we stick to what’s relevant to our law enforcement partners. We specialize exclusively in all facets of police and sheriff’s offices, as well as corrections and communications.

Testing Tailored to Your Needs

Every police department and correctional facility is unique. Our testing combines relevant material from standardized tests along with your specific policies and procedures. We’ll help you determine how best to test for any particular skill set that’s required. The result is a fair, unbiased exam that reflects the geography and demographics of your region.

Full-Service Support

LETA is located in Southern Illinois but has the resources to support agencies throughout the Midwest. Our value lies in our ability to offer personalized assistance in helping you discover your best job candidates. We provide police departments and correctional facilities with every aspect of entry-level and promotional testing and assessment.

Consultation and needs assessment

Written aptitude tests for pre-employment and promotional advancement

Proctoring services

Access to testing facilities

Accurate results

Detailed reports and documentation

Local follow up and customer service

Arrange for and facilitate POWER Tests (Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report) in conjunction with Southwestern Illinois College