Promotional Examinations for Advancement in the Chain of Command

Work history and on-the-job experience are only part of the picture when promoting any sworn law enforcement professional—whether they hold the title of police officer, sheriff’s deputy, or corrections officer. Promotional examinations play an essential part in assessing when they’re ready to advance to a new position.

Department-Specific Testing

Every police department and agency has its own unique culture where each rank plays its individual role in the chain-of-command. Standardized tests can miss the subtle differences that determine an officer’s effectiveness and ability to do the job.

LETA’s promotional exams are customized to fit the department or agency where they will be used. They are based on the structure of each department as well as the specific job descriptions and requirements of the position.

The Test Creation Process

LETA begins by reviewing the department’s most recent policy manual, as well as the job description. Questions are developed based on the job requirements and those policies and procedures. These tests are designed with the goal of pinpointing the skill set necessary for promotions to a specific rank in that particular agency.

Test Administration

As part of its service, LETA proctor’s its tests, following agreed-upon rules and time frames. We can also arrange for a suitable exam room when needed. We maintain the highest standard of test-taking protocol to ensure the fairness and equity of the results.

Exam Results and Documentation

Tests are scored and the results are compiled in a timely manner. We provide detailed documentation for your files. Although we do not make recommendations for promotions and chain-of-command advancement, our test results are designed to help you make those decisions.